[CHANNEL]bot update

When the bot reconnects it adds a random number to his regular name. This adjustment helps to deny the collisions we had since the recent server update (Teamspeak 3.7.0). Each username has to be unique, but the query could not manage to disconnect fast enough for a flawless bot restart with the same name – thus this workaround.


As of now the channel ‘Wait to be seated’ is monitored by the so-called [AFK]Bot.
If you idle for more than 10 minutes you will be moved to the ‘Away From Keyboard’ channel.

[LEGACY]bot update

I made some changes during the weekend and hope you like them.

  • A dynamic channel will be renamed after the channel commander left the server or his own channel. For this purpose the bot will choose a user at random and make him the new commander
  • Decrease the delay during channel creation and movement of the client
  • renaming of a password-protected channel won’t append ‘;pw’ (bugfix)

Server migration

The migration took a day, but we’re up and running again. The DNS should point to the new Teamspeakserver. Feel free to take a seat.

You might get a prompt which will tell you: “The identity of this server has changed.
This is OK if you haven’t been on the new server yet and had an ID on the recent server.

Be alarmed if you get the prompt twice!

Where the Bot lives..

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<< – – Rpi 2B+

This guy runs raspian without noobs,
some bots (discord, ts3) and is also a pi-hole.

The 8 cents cooling system works perfectly fine.